StemLife Berhad Reviews 2019 / 2020

Stemlife, established in 2001, is the first private cord blood stem cell bank that fully licensed under Private Healthcare Facilities And Services (PHFS) Act 1998 by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Stemlife is now a majority-owned subsidiary of Cordlife Group Limited, a Singapore company listed on the Singapore mainboard stock exchange. The group a large network of cord blood banks in Asia that has cord blood and cord lining processing and storage facilities, as well as brand presence in eight key markets. Collectively, more than 60,000 families have entrusted their baby’s cord stem cells storage with StemLife in Malaysia. To-date, Stemlife and Cordlife Group has released 41 cord blood units and over 500 peripheral blood stem cell units for therapies.

Address: B-7-15, Megan Avenue II, 12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Labs and Locations 

Headquarters & Laboratory Location: B-7-15, Megan Avenue 2, 12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Stemlife Price Malaysia 2019 / 2020

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Price Guide:
  • Upfront fee or enrolment fee that includes the first year of storage, processing and testing fee. The enrolment fee will vary from RM 3,000 to 10,000 depending on the type of cord blood storage.
  • Cord Lining (MSC, EpSC), Wharton’s Jelly (MSC), Cord Blood (HSC): RM 800 average annual storage fee
  • Wharton’s Jelly (MSC), Cord Blood (HSC - hematopoietic stem cells): RM 400 average annual storage fee
  • Cord Blood (HSC): RM 400 average annual storage fee

StemLife Reviews

1) Stem Cell (

- CellSafe, RM 3700 (promotion price), SEPAX device, normal price RM4500 but 10% discount + free stoller with maybank card.
- StemLife, RM 4750 (promotion price), automated AXP processing.
- Cryocord, RM 4300 (normal price), normal processing; +RM600 for automated AXP device; +RM500 if store by vials.

2) StemLife vs Cryocord Price (

Was given the following cryocord price:
1. Cord blood
Upfront $3000
Annual $280
20 years $2500
2. Cord blood + MSC
Upfront $10,800
Annual $700
20 years $9000
Lump sum discount $500 (not worth it)
Cord blood tube storage +$600
Free car seat.
Do you know stemlife pricing?
Let me know if you can get better price or freebie?

Business Experience 

Established in 2001, Stemlife is pioneering the Malaysia stem cell banking industry by adhering to the best practices and follow stringent protocols from the collection to the processing and storage of the precious cord blood. To date, we are constantly striving in firsts to ensure that our client is given the best to achieve better medical outcomes. In 2004, Stemlife was the first company to release first cord blood unit to support a sibling transplants for the treatment of Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia (AML) in Malaysia. Today, Stemlife has released the most cord blood units for various medical conditions including cerebral palsy, thalassemia major, leukaemia and brain injury. The proven cord blood release track record is the ultimate validation of our processing and storage method. In 2014, Stemlife was the first stem cell bank to offer families the opportunities to store 3 types of stem cell from the umbilical cord: Haematopoietic stem cells (HSC) from cord blood, Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and Epithelial stem cells (EpSC) from cord lining. In 2015, Stemlife invested in Sepax 2 technology – a fully automated processing technology system for optimum stem cell recovery. In 2018, Stemlife’s facility has been granted the prestigious AABB accreditation, bringing cord blood banking standards in Malaysia to world-class level. Beyond cord blood and cord lining banking, Stemlife also offers Metascreen - urine-based newborn metabolic screening for newborn and up to 6 months old since 2016. 

Collection Kit 

The kit contains a sterile, double wrapped blood bag pre-loaded with the anti-coagulant CPDA-1, along with disinfectant Povidone Iodine swabstick. 

Transportation container 

The collection kit is constructed with thermal insulation and validated to maintain room ambient temperature during transportation back to the laboratory. 

Shipping Info 

The umbilical cord blood sample will be hand-delivered using StemCool Shipping System – a time and temperature protocol system that has been proven effective in maintaining stem cells within the range of optimal temperature. 

Processing Method 

Stem cells are processed and separated from the cord blood using a fully automated, swiss-made and U.S. FDA-cleared device - Sepax® 2 automated processing technology from Biosafe. The final component is the buffy coat layer of the blood, which holds both white cells and stem cells. 

Components Stored 

The final component stored is 20 ml of the "buffy coat" layer of the blood. Parents are provided with lab report describing: Cord blood: volume, total nucleated cell count, CD34+ count, CD34+ viability, ABO typing and post processing sterility. Maternal blood: infectious disease status 

Storage Method 

The cord blood storage is in 25 mL cryobag encased in an overwrap. Stem cell units are stored in the vapour phase of cryogenic nitrogen tank. 

Licensing & Accreditation 

Accredited by the international cord blood banking standard AABB Cord Blood & peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) Licensed by Ministry of Health Malaysia under the PHFS Act 1998. MS ISO 151897 accredited – Medical Lab Testing Participation in College of American Pathologists USA program since 2003 Participation in Royal College of Pathology Australasia program since 2012 Cleanroom class 1000 certified 

Clinical Experience 

Stemlife has established its track record of most number of stem cell transplants done in Malaysia through its 17 years of experience in stem cell banking working closely with third party medical expertise. To-date, Stemlife and the Cordlife Group together have released the most number of units for stem cell transplant: 41cord blood units and over 500 peripheral blood stem cell units for therapies. 


Stemlife clients will be covered by additional protection benefits as follows:
1) Stem Assist - Stemlife offers coverage of possible pregnancy complications and congenital illnesses of baby to give you greater peace of mind.
2) StemLife Assured - Stemlife assures you of a suitable cord blood unit or RM100,000* to defray medical costs if your cord blood unit loses its viability at the point of transplant.
3) Stem Shield Plus - A one-time lump sum subsidy of MYR110,000** will be provided to partially defray medical costs of transplantation for the child whose umbilical cord blood unit is stored.
4) Stem Courier - Your baby’s precious cord blood will be taken care by our dedicated staff during the transportation from the hospital to our laboratory. In the event of a total loss of cord blood during transit, Stemlife will offer a lump sum payout of RM25,000*.
5) Stem 21 - Stemlife, together with an International insurer, offers a lump sum payout of MYR 5,000** to cover the remaining cost of cord blood storage if you or your spouse passes on or suffers from Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).
6) Stem Affirm - Stemlife will cover the cost of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) and colony forming unit (CFU) testing* prior to a haematopoietic stem cell transplant ordered by your physician. These tests are mandated by Malaysian Ministry of Health and international quality standards.
7) Stemlife Cord Blood Network- Protecting 3 Generations of your Family Tapping on one of Asia’s Largest Cord Blood Network, Stemlife will assist in the search for a matching cord blood unit, should there be a need of a cord blood transplant for your child, his/her biological parents and biological grandparents.
* terms & conditions apply. 

Additional Services 

Stemlife has an exclusive license on patented technology to harvest and store two types of stem cells from the lining of the umbilical cord. This cord lining contains both Epithelial Stem Cells (EpSC) and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). Read more ( Stemlife offers Metascreen – the most comprehensive non-invasive newborn metabolic screening in Malaysia. It is a simple and painless urine test that can be screened as early as 48 hours old until 6 months of age. The urine test detects more than 100+ congenital metabolic disorders (or known as inborn error metabolism). Read more (