Best Baby Milk Formula for Constipation in Malaysia 2021

Neither diarrhea nor constipation is fun for both the baby or the parents. However, most babies will have one or both at some point in the first year. This is usually caused by a problem with their digestive system.. or it could just be a tummy bug.  

But don’t fret, because these baby formulas are known to ease the situation. 

1. Similac Total Comfort - Best Baby Formula for Constipation and Diarrhoea

Similac Total Comfort is a milk formula that contains pre-digested whey protein that is easier to digest than regular cow's milk. Pre-digested proteins are known to solve common feeding issues. It also contains a blend of vegetable oil that helps to soften stools. Made with DHA, this formula also offers aids in your child’s brain development. 

Furthermore, this formula is 98% lactose free.

RM71 - Buy on Lazada

2. Frisolac Comfort - Best Baby Formula for Gas and Colic 

This formula is especially designed for babies with digestive problems such as vomiting, colic and constipation. It is a balanced formula containing a range of essential nutrients such as Linoleic Acid and 5 types of nucleotides.

It is suitable for babies from birth onwards.

This formula contains carob bean gum which is a fibre with its thickening properties. This provides relief for the following symptoms – infant regurgitation, constipation and colic pains.

RM52.30, 400g - Buy From Shopee 

RM53.00, 400g - Buy From Shopee 

3. Novamil Kid IT - Suitable for Kids with Constipation (1-10 Years)

- Softens hard stools and improve bowel movement
- Contains Calcium, Phosphorus & Vitamin B complex 
- Meets recommended daily calcium requirement for strong bones 
- Higher Vitamin B complex to improve appetite and energy level 
- 20% more Magnesium : Helps sleep better at night and relieve constipation 
- 30 essential nutrients with Omega-3 and Omega-6 to promote early childhood development
- Sucrose free: Reduce mood swings, unhealthy weight gain, tooth decay and development of sweet tooth 
- Contains Omega 3 & 6 
- Contains Anti-oxidant blend, Essential vitamins and minerals

RM79.90 - Buy on Lazada
Roughly RM80 per can - Buy on Shopee

4. Isomil Soy Formula - Suitable for Babies with Constipation Due To Lactose Intolerance

Similac Soy Isomil is a cow's milk-free, lactose-free, soy-based formula that is specially designed for babies from birth to 12 months. It is formulated for babies with allergies to cow's milk and lactose. 

Has OptiGRO™ to support brain and eye development.

RM35.00 for 400g, RM71 for 850g - Buy on Shopee

RM37.80 for 400g, RM77 for 850g - Buy on Lazada 

5. Miwako A+ - Suitable for Children 1-6 Years Old with Diarrhea or Allergies to Dairy and Soy

- Complete nutrition plant-based formula milk (enriched with essential nutrients and vitamins)
- Allergic friendly (No added with Dairy / Lactose / Soy / Gluten / Egg / Peanut / Nut)
- Made from millet, quinoa & germinated brown rice
- No Added Sugar
- GABA from germinated brown rice for emotion management & cognitive development
- Choline & Omega 3 for healthy brain development & nerve development
- Rich in protein and dietary fibre
- FOS prebiotic & dietary fiber for gut health
- Highly digestible (less colic)
- Pure natural vanilla powder
- No preservative, artificial colouring & flavouring
- Vegan Friendly : Suitable for vegan to consume

RM96 for 700g - Buy From Lazada
RM96 for 700g - Buy From Shopee

6. Bellamy's Organic Step 1 Equifina - Best Baby Formula for Constipation and Fussiness

Bellamy’s Organic Formulas and Toddler Milk Drink are made from 100% certified organic milk, which is more beneficial during the first few months of life than at any other time. This is because babies are growing and developing rapidly, and their bodies are more vulnerable to any harmful substances that may be in their food. We use certified organic ingredients as they offer purity and wholesome nutrition. 

- Whey dominant, making it easily digested and absorbed to ease fussiness and crying.

- Comes from cows that have no growth hormones, so neither does their milk. 

- Comes from cows that graze on grass that has not been treated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 

- Non-GMO ingredients. 

- Made in Australia. 

RM115.70 - Buy from Lazada 
RM115.00 - Buy from Shopee 

7.Snow Neo Baby Formula | Susu Snow Untuk Bayi Sembelit

Contains oligosaccharides (Galactosyl Lactose) that promotes the growth of Bifidobacteria in the gut. This will help produce a healthy digetive system, and prevent constipation. 

RM80 - RM100 per can - Buy From Shopee

8. Dumex Mamex Cherish 

- Designed to nourish newborns without upsetting their tummy
- Fortified with necessary vitamins such as A, D, C and E as well as zinc, calcium and iron
- Contains Mamil's own Unique Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture, which prevents harmful bacteria from growing in your baby's digestive system by supporting good bacteria instead. 
- Aids in a healthy bowel system to promote bowel movement. 
- Contains DHA, AA, Protein and Idine.

RM89.99, 600g - Buy From Shopee

RM79.99, 600g - Buy From Shopee

RM197.99, 1.5kg - Buy From Shopee

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