12 Best Baby Diapers of 2023 - Prices and Reviews

Babies go through a lot of wet and soiled diapers during those first few weeks. To prepare for this phenomenon, most parents build a stockpile of diapers before baby arrives. This can be an overwhelming task for both seasoned and first-time parents, and there are many factors to consider when stocking up, such as baby’s weight, diaper fit, and finances.

Your baby may require about 8 – 10 diapers a day. Therefore, the cost could be a burden to you. To help you choose the right diapers brand for your baby, we have shortlisted the best baby diapers you can buy today; categorised by brand.

Best Baby Diapers 2023

1. Rascal and Friends Diapers

– Stretchy High Back Waistband
– Absorbent 3D Core
– Soft Leg Cuffs
– Breathable Backsheet
– Wetness Indicator (Found in size 1 and 2)
– Double Leak Guards
– Unique Deep Pocket
– 3 Layers of Protection
– Strong Grip Tabs

Are rascal and friends diapers eco friendly?

The fact that Rascal + Friends Premium Diapers are free of harsh poisons is clearly their key selling feature. Also their fancy pants design makes the diaper so soft and absorbent!

However, Rascal and Friends are not eco-friendly since they are created with fluff pulp in the core and plastic in the inner and outer layers.
– Polyproylene fibers are used for the top and back sheets.
– Fluff pulp and traditional SAP are used for the absorbent core.

If you are looking for eco friendly diapers, read more: Best Eco Friendly Diapers

Rascal and Friends vs Huggies

Price: Rascal and friends is more affordable than Huggies.

Absorbency: Many customers find Huggies are better for night time absorbency, Huggies can holds more. Rascals & Friends okay for childcare but need to change more often with that brand.

Flexible: Customers said rascal and friends diapers are more stretchy than Huggies

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Rascal and Friends vs Pampers

Price: Rascal and friends diapers is affordable than Pampers.

Absorbency: Some customers say that Pampers cruiser and pampers Swaddlers are more absorbent than Rascal and friends diapers.

For sensitive skin
: Few customers said that Rascal and friends diapers are not suitable for babies with really sensitive skin. Pampers are better for babies with sensitive skin.

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2. Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers - Best Disposable Diapers for Sensitive Skin


Available Sizes
Size 1 fit babies up to 14 lb. (6 kg)
Size 2 (12-18lb)
Size 3 (16-28lb)
Size 4 (22-37lb)
Size 5 (over 27lb)
Size 6 (over 35lb)
Size n (up to 10lb)

You may be curious, baby, what makes Huggies Little Snugglers diapers right for you?
Well, baby, Huggies Little Snugglers diapers are designed to keep your skin clean and healthy. They offer a soft, breathable outer cover and a pocketed back waistband to help prevent blowouts and keep the mess inside.

You’re learning all about new smells, baby, and you may want to know, do Huggies Little Snugglers have fragrance?
Ready for some big words, baby? Huggies Diapers are fragrance-free, lotion-free, hypoallergenic & free from elemental chlorine. They’re tested by dermatologists and safety professionals, and designed to be gentle for your delicate skin.

What size do Huggies Little Snugglers go up to?
We get it, baby. You don’t want to outgrow your favorite Huggies Baby Diapers. That’s why Littles Snugglers come in sizes Preemie to 6, so you can enjoy soft, gentle infant diapers as you continue to grow.

What are the Double Grip Strips for?
Let me tell ya, baby, they’re designed to keep your diaper securely on, no matter what kind of adventure you’re on. Our patented Double Grip Strips are on Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers in sizes 2 – 6.

We’re sure you don’t like when your diaper leaks, and you might be wondering if Little Snugglers can help prevent that.

For sure, baby! Not only do Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers have a GentleAbsorb Liner to absorb messes and protect you from irritation, but they also have a pocketed waistband to help keep the mess inside where it belongs.

Huggies Little Snugglers vs Huggies Little Snugglers Plus

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4.8 out of 5 – more than 38,000 global ratings

Huggies Little Snugglers Review

We’ve gone through a lot of diapers for our 18mo. old son and Huggies Little Snugglers have proven to be the best. We almost never have any issues with leaks or defects. I appreciate that they are clearly marked for front and back and are fairly easy to put on. The pee indicator strip is accurate and easy to see. They are nice and soft and I believe we’ve only seen a rash a couple of times when he got really sweaty. 

We’ve tried Huggies Little Movers, but they leaked occasionally. Even though my son is very active, we’ve found the Little Snugglers to be the best. They recently made some minor design changes, but we have not noticed any decline or difference at all in quality.

3. Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers - Best Diapers for Overnight Protection

Triple Leakguards help stop leaks before they happen. Nightlock Technology locks away wetness for up to 12 hours of overnight protection. Secure & Stretchy Sides With Comfy Leak Barrier Cuffs. No Parabens, No Latex Natural Rubber

Wetness Indicator turns blue when wet, telling you when your baby needs a change.

4.6 out of 5 – more than 12,000 global ratings

Luvs Diapers Review

First want to start off by saying I used these for my daughter for the first month and a half of her life. Loved these when she was small, they didn’t leak, and they didn’t seem as inflexible as other diapers did. Worked great for us so I’m rating the product well. Once she got out of size ones I order size twos. That was my mistake there. The bigger she got, and the bigger her volume of pee got, the less effective the diaper was. I would definitely say these are good to use while the baby is in size ones, to save some money, but after size ones I would recommend switching. She leaked through a lot after that. So size ones are five stars for me, size twos are zero stars.

4. Huggies Overnites Baby Diapers - Best Overnight Disposable Diapers for Heavy Wetters

Nighttime Baby Diapers Size 3, 66 Ct, Huggies Overnites

Huggies’ Most Absorbent Diaper – Help baby get a full night’s sleep with an overnight diaper that has extra absorbency & Double Leak Guards

DryTouch Liner – Quickly absorbs moisture & provides up to 12 hours of nighttime leak protection.Do not flush

Designed for Comfort – Contoured shape plus SnugFit Waistband & Double Grip Strips provide a secure fit

Drier Nights for Better Mornings – Breathable outer cover helps keep skin dry & comfortable, plus wetness indicator

- Fragrance free, lotion free, paraben free, and free of elemental chlorine & natural rubber latex
- Packaging may vary from image shown

Huggies Overnight vs Pampers Overnight

- Huggies has better absorption and is better at preventing leaks compared to Pampers Overnight. 
- Mothers discovered that Pampers Swaddlers Overnights filled up quicker and would get so heavy it starts to curl, leaving the baby wet and uncomfortable. 
- The Huggies Overnites diaper was able to prevent leaks because of its relatively higher waistline.
- Pampers Overnight has a softer material compared to Huggies Overnight.

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4.8 out of 5 – more than 8,000 global ratings

Huggies Overnight Diapers Reviews

I buy these in a size up for my daughter for over night diapers. We’ve used these since she was an infant. During the day we use Andy Pandy bamboo diapers. But over night we needed “industrial strength” diapers to let her sleep as long as possible. 

When she was little I did a “scientific” at home test where I bought a trial pack of every brand of diaper I could get my hands on. I tried each brand on her for multiple nights. Some brands leaked, some brands felt wet in the morning. This is the only brand that didn’t leak and felt dry on my hand in the morning while completely full from the night before.

5. Pampers Swaddlers Overnights Disposable Baby Diapers - Best Hypoallergenic Overnight Diapers

- Pampers Diapers Size 3, 66 Count, Super Pack 

- Pampers Swaddlers Overnights are extra absorbent for dry nights. Keeps wetness away from skin for up to 12 hours

- Designed to keep skin dry and healthy with LockAway Channels. Helps soothe and protect skin with our BreatheFree LinerTM that lets skin breathe

- Soft Flexi-Sides provide a cushiony stretch for a secure, comfortable fit. Gentle on baby’s delicate skin, Pampers Swaddlers Overnights are hypoallergenic and free of parabens and latex ( Natural rubber)

- New and Improved! Packaging & product may vary

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4.8 out of 5 – more than 13,000 global ratings

Pampers Overnight Diapers Review

I almost didn’t buy these based on reviews saying they are the same as regular pampers BUT as a scientist I remembered that the thing that creates the absorbency is in between the cloth layers. It sucks up the liquid which is why a wet diaper bulges and is so heavy. So I decided to try these and they are AMAZING! 

We use pampers swaddles during the day and he was peeing through them (well more they reached full capacity so his pee would sneak out the top since he sleeps on his stomach now)…he has not had a single leak with these! I know we are only 4 days in but that tells me they are without a doubt more absorbent than the regular ones. So Pampers is not trying to be sneaky and rebrand its normal diapers as overnight. I’m so glad I bought these and I highly recommend!!

6. Earth + Eden Baby Diapers - Best Diapers for Sensitive Skin

Available Sizes
Size 1 (8-14 lbs/4-6kg)
Size 2 (12-18lb)
Size 3 (16-28lb)
Size 4 (22-37lb)
Size 5 (over 27lb)
Size 6 (over 35lb)
Size 7 (41+lb)
Size n (up to 10lb)

Superior leakage protection, clinically proven gentle on your baby’s skin; free from lotions, parabens, latex, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching. Breathable outer cover helps keep baby’s skin dry while the cotton enhanced dryness layer and hypoallergenic inner liner work to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Cruelty free – not tested on animals; Made with SFI Certified sustainably sourced fluff; Printed with non-toxic water-based inks; Produced in a Zero Waste to Landfill Facility

Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials

4.6 out of 5 – more than 8,000 global ratings

Earth and Eden Diapers Review

The fit is flexible, but holds securely. The diapers hold a lot!

Someone said something about the smell...they have no crappy chemicals and do not have a smell. They wick the moisture away better than almost any diaper we’ve tried. We’ve had no skin rashes with these! I’ve also had issues with the tabs ripping as I’m putting the diaper on with both expensive and cheap brands of diapers, but I’ve yet to have this happen with Earth and Eden. They are quite sturdy!

Now on our third box and several months in, I’m not going back! I love these diapers and they have made life easier. You can’t beat the quality at the subscription price point. If you’re on the fence, give it a try!

7. Seventh Generation Baby Diapers - Best Green Disposable Diapers

Available Size
Size 2 (12-18lb)
Size 3 (16-21lb)
Size 4 (20-32lb)
Size 5 (27-35lb)
Size 6 (35+lb)

A dry baby is a happy baby. Provide the 12-hour protection that keeps those smiles coming. The absorbent core in our diapers is not bleached or processed with chemicals containing chlorine, which prevents harmful toxins from entering waterways.

Our FreshAIR Breathable Layer helps release humidity and pulls moisture away from baby’s skin.

Made Free and Clear with 0% Fragrances, Lotions, or Chlorine Bleaching. Made using only FSC Certified, sustainably harvested plant-based pulp, which helps nurture our planet’s forests.

4.6 out of 5 – more than 1,000 global ratings

Seventh Generation Diapers Reviews

I switched to Seventh Generation when my baby had a diaper rash that wouldn’t go away. Turns out he was allergic to all the harsh chemicals in the other mainstream brands. We couldn’t be more pleased with Seventh Generation.

8. Bambo Nature Premium Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers - Best Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers

Available Sizes
Size 1 (4-9 lb)
Size 2 (7-13lb)
Size 3 (9-18lb)
Size 4 (15-31lb)
Size 5 (27-40lb)
Size 6 (over 35lb)

Bambo Nature is the only eco-friendly, sustainably manufactured brand in production for more than 35 years! A true legacy brand that you know you can trust in order to #ParentFearlessly. Our diapers feature a wetness indicator that changes color to indicate when a change is needed. The flexible waistband and latex-free leg cuffs help diapers stay in place while maximizing movement.

A unique three-layer design and super-absorbent core that can stand up to multiple wettings—even overnight. Combined with our fully breathable backsheet, baby’s sensitive skin will stay dry and comfortable.

Made from 100% wind power and the first baby diapers certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

4.5 out of 5 – more than 400 global ratings

Bambo Nature Diapers Review

Bambo diapers are hands down the best diapers, with no leakage and maximum absorbency. The diapers have none of the harsh chemicals and are smooth on my babies skin. 10/10 recommend these diapers, we have a larger toddler and have never had a leak or busted diaper.

9. Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers


3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White, 10 Count Price: $13.99

Gerber cloth diapers are comfortable, versatile, and absorbent! Each diaper in this pack is made with 100% birdseye cotton, a soft material that is perfect to wear against baby’s delicate skin. Birdseye cotton is a wonderfully absorbent material that may help to prevent skin irritations and diaper rashes.

Appropriate to use as newborn diapers all the way up to when baby is ready to potty train, these diapers stand the test on time! When you have a squirming child to change, the 3-ply prefold quickens the pace at which you can get a fresh diaper on and keeps the diaper folded at an optimal width. Their convenient size fits well within diaper shells of all kinds and makes them easy to store in diaper organizers as well as diaper bags.

When it’s time to empty the diaper pail, these baby diapers may be run through the washing machine and dryer. Saving time throughout the day is essential to all parents, and Gerber strives to help lessen the load of laundry. These diapers also have a wide range of uses besides just diapering!

Their absorbency makes them excellent burp cloths. They’re perfect to use during feeding time as they’re soft enough to efficiently clean any mess from baby’s sweet face.

– Great for burb cloth
– Very soft

– Pretty thin

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4.5 out of 5 – more than 11,000 global ratings

Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers Review

I decided on the 3ply birds eye prefold cloth diapers based on a lot of reviews both on amazon, and on parenting sites, that state these were the best choice for economic burp cloths. These diapers make for great burp cloths, and really just to soak up anything. They’re so soft and I never worry about wiping the babies face with them. The price is also incredibly good, burp cloths are so expensive and for just a bit of baby goo. I also found that I can use these as make shift bibs by stick them under my newborn’s chin.

10. Mama Koala One Size Baby Washable Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers


Cloth Diapers, 6 Pack with 6 One Size Microfiber Inserts (Jagger) Price: $39.99

Mama Koala cloth diapers are designed to save money, save our environment and save your baby’s skin! Waterproof and breathable TPU outer, super soft and stay dry suede cloth inner protects baby from moisture. We created our pocket diaper to be one-size that fits most babies 8-35lbs, each diaper comes with a one-size 3-layer microfiber insert, it’s ultra soft and super absorbent, no more leaks. Adjust the snaps to fit your baby, stuff an insert into the diaper, put it on your baby, and say goodbye to diaper rashes, unnecessary pollution, and mediocrity!

Waterproof Outer (TPU) – no cover needed
Super Soft Stay-Dry Lining – wicks away moisture & keeps baby dry
Large Back Pocket Opening – super absorbent insert gets hidden in pocket opening
Gentle Leg Elastics – contain messes & prevent leaks
Durable Snap Closures – adjustable snaps provide a secure, snug fit
Adjustable Rise Snaps – one size (8-35lbs) with 3×3 rise snaps to customize for the perfect fit
Improvement of One Size Microfiber Insert – each diaper comes with a one-size 3-layer microfiber insert. The inserts with snaps or folds are shipped randomly. Designation or exchange services are not available.

How To Wash Mama Koala Diapers

1. Dump, drop, scrape, or spray solids into the toilet. For exclusively breastfed poop- it does not require any special removal. Breastmilk poop is 100% organic and will dissolve in the wash.
2. Prewash with a small amount of detergent.
3. Hot wash: add the recommended amount of detergent for the appropriate load size.
4. Cool rinse (optional). If you live in a hard water area, we do not recommend doing an extra rinse after the main wash because it might lead to build up on diapers.
5. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry in the sunlight.

- Wash Before Wearing: All cloth diapers should be pre-washed before using so the diapers fluff up and achieve optimal softness and absorbency.
- The water temperature should not exceed 40℃/104℉ in any steps. This is because hot water will shorten the service life of the elastics and TPU.

How To Use Mama Koala Cloth Diapers

Watch A Nappy Guru Guide to the Mama Koala One Size Cloth Nappy on Youtube

How To Stuff Mama Koala Diapers

Watch “How to Stuff Cloth Diapers” on Mama Koala Facebook

4.7 out of 5 – more than 6,000 global ratings

Mama Koala Cloth Diaper Review

I’m 12 months into cloth diapering and I can say these are my favorite pocket diapers I own. Even better than many of the way more expensive brands. They are just simple, nothing complicated, two snaps on either side to fasten. I’m frustrated with some of my other brands because they have so many snaps and my son wiggles so much I can’t get the diaper on before he’s rolled away, but not these because they are quick to get on. My son has always been really chunky with very big thighs and these have fit him perfectly. Never had any leak issues. He’s now 12 months, 25 pounds and we have the height fully extended and the waist is on the second to last snap. I think these will probably fit him until around 24 months.

Now, I have learned that I prefer All In One diapers over pockets because laundry is so much easier but that’s just personal preference.

11. Honest Overnight Baby Diapers - Best Hypoallergenic Overnight Diapers


Honest Overnight Baby Diapers, Club Box, Sleepy Sheep Price: $25.99

This box is packed with hypoallergenic, super soft, ultra-absorbent, gentle, and safe disposable diapers in adorable, posh prints, with soft, stretchy side panels, a comfy elastic waistband, sure fit leg cuffs, and fastening tabs

A cloudlike liner provides the ultimate comfort for babies’ delicate skin while rapidly funneling away moisture. Super absorbent multi-layer technology locks away moisture, holding 20 percent more for overnight leak protection

Super absorbent Honest diapers have a bio-based core with sustainably harvested fluff pulp and plant-derived materials that are gentle on babies' delicate skin, keeping them happy, dry, and comfortable.

Latex, chlorine processing, fragrances, or lotions, because we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you

4.6 out of 5 – more than 8,000 global ratings

Honest Overnight Diapers Reviews

These are a life saver!!! We use them for my 2 year old so his diaper doesn’t leak at night & they work great! When my new baby was born and was soaking through his diaper, clothes, & swaddle every couple hours, I knew I needed to get some for him as well. The smallest size they come in was a size 3, but I was so desperate for sleep that I gave them a shot! He was probably 11 pounds when I started using them and although they look huge one him, they still work great!!! No leaks, more sleep!!! Yay!! Definitely recommend these!!

12. ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers One Size Adjustable


Washable Reusable for Baby Girls and Boys 6 Pack with 12 Inserts Price: $29.99

As we all know that disposable nappies are getting very expensive. Why not get these reusable, washable super-absorbent and comfortable cloth nappies / diapers, which are also called modern cloth nappies (MCNs) or pocket nappies. For your baby, for the cost of buying disposable nappies, these reusable nappies and inserts will last you for a much longer period of time.


- Outer layer: polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU .It’s convenient for mammy to carry baby while taking a walk or doing chores.

- Inner layer: suede cloth inside, it does no thold moisture itself ,the moisture get drawn away to the insert to keep your baby dry

- Insert: each diaper would come with two 3-layer microfiber inserts. Insert dimension approx 13.7” x 5.5”

How To Put On Alvababy Cloth Diapers

How To Clean Alvababy Cloth Diapers

– Remove the residuals and rinse them away (knock solids into toilet). Separately wash the insert from the diaper shell.
– Hand wash or machine wash at a temperature of no more than 30°C. Washing alva baby diapers without use bleach, softener and do not boil the cover.
– Hang them to dry in the sun), or “Low” tumble dry.
– During the rainy season or in damp conditions, it may become moldy; please keep it dry.

Find out more at our Alvababy Cloth Diapers Review

4.7 out of 5 – more than 4,000 global ratings

Alvababy Cloth Diapers Reviews

This diaper is a good example of why expensive isn’t always the best. We’ve used a popular cloth diaper for months on our baby assuming it was the best, since it was the most expensive. The inserts in that brand were coming apart and someone suggested microfiber to stay dry longer. We didn’t want to go with another popular brand that has microfiber so we tried these. We were surprised at how great they worked. 

It’s been a few weeks since using these and we love them. We prepped them as directed, use Method laundry soap, and we use a sprayer to spray off the poop in the toilet. The microfiber inserts still look brand new and we’ve never had a problem with blow outs or leaks. We love them so much, we are completely switching brands.


1. Diapers Guide 101

2. How to Buy Baby Diapers

Most newborns gain about 3 pounds during the first month and babies born with a higher birth weight tend to skip this diaper size altogether. Therefore, there’s no point stockpiling on size NB.

You can always start small. Try stockpiling no larger than size 1, just in case you don’t like the first brand you try.

Once you get a feel for fit, cost, brand, and size, go ahead and purchase more — up to an entire year’s worth or more of diapers. Keep in mind your own baby’s weight and rate of gain when planning. Never pay full price for diapers unless it’s an emergency (more on saving on diapers below).

Keep in mind that different brands may work better or worse for different babies, so be open to trying a few different diapers before you decide on the right ones for you. Sometimes a diaper that costs a little more is a better fit and works better, making it worth the extra money.

3. How Often Should You Change Your Baby's Diaper?

Change your newborn’s diaper every two to three hours, or as needed, according to experts. Because if the diaper isn’t changed frequently, the baby is at risk of developing skin rashes, infections, and a variety of other health problems.

4. Things to Consider When Picking Your Baby's Diaper

a) Pick Trustable Brands
Make sure you pink a trustable brand.

b) Diaper Features
Make sure your diapers have features that are suitable for your condition. For example; Good Absorbency, Wetness Indicator Lines, Soft and Breathable, Stretchability and Fit.

c) Pick the right size

Avoid loading up on one size because your baby will require bigger-sized diapers every few months.

d) Skin Sensitivity

If your baby has sensitive skin like having rash because of diapers. You must look for hypoallergenic diapers. For example: Huggies Little Snugglers

5. What is diaper rash
Diaper rash is a common type of inflamed skin (dermatitis) that appears on your baby’s bottom as a patchwork of bright red skin. Wet or infrequently changed diapers, skin sensitivity, and chafing are all common causes of diaper rash.

6. What causes diaper rash
Diaper rash can be caused by a variety of factors. Diaper rash can occur when a new food is introduced into your child’s diet. It could also be the result of a new laundry detergent or bath product. 

Diaper rash can also occur when a child’s diaper is not changed frequently enough or caused by antibiotics your child is taking. Additionally, diapers or wipes that aren’t compatible with your child’s skin may be the reason of their diaper rash.

7. How to treat diaper rash

Know the Cause
If the cause is a lack of hygiene, you should change your child’s diaper on a regular basis, making sure to thoroughly clean the baby’s bottom with a wipe or wet washcloth after each change. Then, apply a thin layer of diaper rash ointment to your baby’s bum to keep moisture at bay.

If your baby’s skin is really sensitive, it is best to use a diaper designed for sensitive skin. Change your child’s diaper frequently to avoid diaper rash in the future — moisture trapped on your child’s skin for an extended period of time can be quite harmful.

If it is due to a yeast infection. This will take a week or two of daily application of anti-fungal cream. Always make sure that your baby’s bottom is dry and clean while you’re treating them.

8. What to know about diaper rash

Diaper rash is frequently caused by a skin irritation caused by too much moisture in the diaper. The best way to solve this problem is to keep your baby’s bottom dry.

For heavy wetter, do not change diapers too soon because if your baby sitting in a lot of moisture for long periods that can cause rashes. 

It is also critical to avoid using any petroleum-based products on your baby’s sensitive skin because they cause too many dry spots, which can worsen the condition or cause more frequent flare-ups. Vaseline, Icy Hot, and Aquafor are examples of such products.

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