Best Diapers for Eczema in Malaysia 2022

Eczema is described as red patches of dry and itchy skin. This usually flares up in the baby’s arms, legs and cheeks but it can appear anywhere else in the body too, including their bum. It often begins during their early years and may run in families. So if the parent or a relative has a problem with eczema, the baby may face that issue as well.

What triggers eczema in babies?
Irritation, allergies, environmental factors, diet, sensitive skin, stress, animals, herpes viral infection, and stress are all triggers for eczema in babies. Many soaps, disinfectants, and scents can irritate your baby’s eczema. While diapers themselves usually don’t cause eczema, but if they’re fragranced or made of harsh ingredients, this could aggravate the symptoms.

What are the best diapers for eczema in Malaysia?

1. Applecrumby™ Chlorine Free Premium Tape Diapers

Applecrumby™ Chlorine Free Diapers

Why Applecrumby™ 100% Chlorine Free Diapers?
Many mass market baby diapers are bleached with Elemental Chlorine Gas – resulting in traces of dioxins. Dioxins are harmful to the environment and post many serious health concerns to your baby’s development. Applecrumby diapers are 100% CHLORINE FREE, making it friendly to your baby’s bottom and the environment!

Why Moms Love Applecrumby™ 100% Chlorine Free Tape Diapers?
– 100% Chlorine Free Plant Derived Pulp from Finland (SGS Certified)
– 0% Fragrance, Toxic Dye, Asbestos, DEHP, Phthalates, Heavy Metals, Latex (Fully Certified)
– Wetness Indicator Strips tell you when your baby needs a change of diaper!

– Up to 12-Hour Dryness and Protection with our Japan Premium Absorb Technology
– Holds 30X its Weight in Liquid (best absorbing diaper in the market)
– Feather Soft Top Sheet and Back Sheet

– Wide, Sretchy and High Waisted Waist Band for all those blow out moments!
– Gorgeous , soft & dye free refastenable side adhesive tabs

Applecrumby™ Size Chart
380x280mm (S Size)
450x320mm (M Size)
495x320mm (L Size)
530x320mm (XL Size)

3 – 6 kg (S Size)
5 – 10kg (M Size)
9 – 13kg (L Size)
11 – 16kg (XL Size)

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2. Huggies Ultra Natural Soft Diapers

Huggies Ultra Natural Soft Diapers

For moms who are concern about what touches her baby’s skin, new Huggies Natural Soft has nature-inspired softness and long lasting absorbency to provide baby the softest embrace and comfort throughout day and night.

– Clinically proven to prevent diaper rash
– 2 Huggies diaper formulation of dryness and breathability was clinically-proven on babies and met the criteria to significantly help prevented diaper rash or dermatitis. Akin et al. , Pediatric Dermatology, 2001.

– Wetness Indicator 
– Poo away liner that pulls pee and runny poo quickly away from baby’s delicate skin
– 100% breathable cover promotes circulation, helps to keep baby’s skin dry and fresh

Huggies Size Chart
– Newborn (NB) : up to 5 kg
– Small (S) : 4-8 kg
– Medium (M) : 6 – 10 kg
– Large (L) : 8 – 13 kg
– Extra Large (XL) : 11 – 16 kg
– Extra extra large (XXL) : over 14 kg

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3. Moony Natural Tape Diaper
Moony Natural Tape Diaper

Japan’s first diaper with surface sheet made with Organic cotton. Designed with innovative features to be gentle even on newborn baby’s delicate skin. An ultra soft touch makes babies feel like they are wrapped in their mother’s arms.

– No petroleum derived oil, chemical fragrances, latex and artificial colourants.
– A combination of olive oil, jojoba oil and rice bran oil with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects.
– Quickly check your baby’s diaper even from side, with 3 easily visible lines.

– Wavy absorbing zone effectively absorbs loose stool to help prevent skin irritation.
– Reliable anti-leak protection with “fit all position” gathers.
– Baby’s bottom stays dry with fully breathable dry cover with high absorbency up to 12 hours.

Moony Natural Diaper Size Chart
– NB : up to 5 kg
– Small (S) : 4-8kg
– Medium (M) : 6-11kg
– Large (L) : 9-14kg

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4. BESUPER Premium Disposable Diaper 100% Chlorine Free | Baby Diapers for Sensitive Skin

BESUPER Chlorine Free Diapers for Sensitive Skin

– Totally 100% Chlorine Free Wood Pulp with FSC certified.
– Natural Aloe Vera Oil nourishes your little one’s skin to avoid Nappy Rash.
– Silky Soft non-woven back sheet that is breathable to allow air going thru & avoid nappy rash.

– Embossed non-woven top sheet that is Ultra Soft & Dry and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin.
– 3D Leak Guard to prevent from leakage
– Double stretchy elastic side panel which gives extra protection for active baby to prevent side & back leakage.

– Bigger Grip Tape can easily tape on during nappy changing.
– Cute & Colorful back sheet design with safety environmental water based ink prints.
– Certified by international certification OEKO-TEX Standard 100, USA FDA, TCF, FSC, BRC.

BESUPER Size Chart
Size S ( 3-8kg, 6.5-17lbs ) = 36 pcs/bag
Size M ( 6-11kg, 13-22lbs ) = 34 pcs/bag
Size L ( 9-14kg, 20-31lbs ) = 32 pcs/bag
Size XL ( >12kg, >26lbs ) = 30 pcs/bag

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5. Einmilk Camellia Oil Disposable Diaper - Plant Based EXtract 100% Chlorine Free

Einmilk Camellia Oil Disposable Diaper

The diaper is super thin and breathable, its breathability removes moisture and stuffiness. The high absorbency us suitable for day & night use.

Only 0.2cm thin, your baby will feel like wearing nothing while moving. Although it’s thin, It can “Drink” up to 700ml liquid absorbing capacity, can last for a day.

– Ultra soft material, gentle to skin.
– Soft Airy surface design mesh enhances breathability, allowing air to pass through. Now can say bye to diaper rash.
– SGS certified.

Einmilk Size Chart 
Small (58 Pieces / Pack): 2~4 KG
Medium (48 Pieces / Pack): 4~8 KG
Large (42 Pieces / Pack): 7.5~10 KG
X-Large (42 Pieces / Pack): 10-13KG

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6. Sleepy BIO Natural Baby Tape Diaper
Sleepy BIO Natural Baby Diaper
– Natural Bamboo
– Paraben, Perfume, Lotion & Colourant-free Inner Surface for a purer touch to your baby’s sensitive skin.
– Wetness Indicator
– Organic Cotton; organic cotton fibers that increase dryness for your baby’s sensitive skin.

– Biopolymer; the film surface obtained from sugar cane, which takes carbon dioxide from nature and gives oxygen, was developed to leave a better worl for babies.
– Milk Protein; the almond milk protein in the fabric layer on the absorbent surface of Bio Natural perfectly adapts to your baby’s sensitive skin.

Sleepy Size Chart
2 – 5 kg (New Born Size)
3 – 6kg (Mini Size)
4 – 10kg (Midi Size)
7 – 16kg (Maxi Size)
11 – 20kg (Junior Size)
15 – 27kg (XL Size)

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7. MAMYPOKO Organic Cotton EXTRA Gentle For Sensitive Skin
MAMYPOKO Organic Cotton EXTRA Gentle For Sensitive Skin

Read More : MamyPoko Malaysia Price and Reviews

– Gentle for sensitive skin
– Superior Absorbency and Leakage Protection
– Speed Air Wave for Your Newborn Dry Comfort
– Comes with special soft re-attachable tape

– The waist area is made from ultra fine non-woven fabric which – prevent irritation on your baby’s skin.-
– Firmly attach onto material to keep t- he diaper in place even when pulled
– Made with superior absorbent materials that is able to absorb urine up to 12 hours*
– All-Round Air Flow helps reduce worries on rash and always gentle to baby’s skin

MamyPoko Size Chart
– NB : up to 5 kg
– Small (S) : 4-8kg

Check on Lazada || Check on Shopee

1. How Often Should You Change Your Baby's Diaper?
Change your newborn’s diaper every two to three hours, or as needed, according to experts. Because if the diaper isn’t changed frequently, the baby is at risk of developing skin rashes, infections, and a variety of other health problems.

2. What is diaper rash?
Diaper rash is a common type of inflamed skin (dermatitis) that appears on your baby’s bottom as a patchwork of bright red skin. Wet or infrequently changed diapers, skin sensitivity, and chafing are all common causes of diaper rash.

3. How to choose the best diaper for your baby?
a. Size
Most newborns gain about 3 pounds during the first month and babies born with a higher birth weight tend to skip this diaper size altogether. Therefore, there’s no point stockpiling on size NB.

You can always start small. Try stockpiling no larger than size 1, just in case you don’t like the first brand you try.

Once you get a feel for fit, cost, brand, and size, go ahead and purchase more — up to an entire year’s worth or more of diapers. Keep in mind your own baby’s weight and rate of gain when planning. Never pay full price for diapers unless it’s an emergency

b. Price
Expensive diapers are not always suitable for your baby. But do not use cheaper diapers if it is not suitable for your baby’s skin because if your baby’s skin got rashes and infection, you will spend more money for the treatment.

c. Feature
If your baby’s skin is sensitive, make sure that the diapers you chose is hypoallergenic or for sensitive skin.

And if your baby has eczema, make sure the diapers you chose are fragrance-free and do not contain any harsh ingredients because they may aggravate the symptoms.

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