12 Best Baby Bottle Brands in USA 2023

Even if you plan to breastfeed, a baby bottle is a key item for your baby registry so that others can help with feedings during the first year. But this is a baby-gear category that might cause genuine decision paralysis, because there are so many bottle brands, shapes and materials, from BPA-free plastic to glass and silicone. It's overwhelming trying to intuit which bottle your baby will take.

Types of Baby Bottles

With all the baby bottles available in the market, it can be a confusing ordeal to decide which baby bottle is best for your child. There are glass bottles, plastic bottles, silicone bottles, anti colic bottles, wide neck and narrow neck bottles. 

Glass bottles are thermal shock resistant, so they can go from freezers to boiling water without breaking. They are also dishwasher safe and they wont absorb colors or odors like silicone and plastic bottles. However, they are heavier to hold and are usually more expensive compared to plastic or silicone bottles.

Plastic bottles are affordable, light, easy to hold and won’t break easily when dropped. There are many options in the market for plastic bottles. However, some plastic bottles may have BPA, which is bad for health. They may not be safe to put in the microwave or dishwashers. Lastly, some brands may have many parts which may be troublesome to clean.

Silicone bottles are soft and most closely resemble a breast, making it easier for babies to accept. They’re unbreakable and free of many chemicals usually found in plastic bottles. They are dishwasher safe and easier to clean as they usually have less parts than plastic bottles. However, silicone bottles are usually the most expensive and there are not as many options in the market. There is a risk of them leaching at very high temperatures, and they can also discolor and absorb odors over time.

Below we have listed some of the top baby bottles in the market. Which will you choose?

Best Baby Bottle Brands in USA 2023

1. Comotomo Baby Bottle - Best Baby Bottle for Newborn

Best Baby Bottle for Newborn


Comotomo Baby Bottle Price: $20

Comotomo baby bottles are designed to most closely mimic breastfeeding to reduce bottle rejection and nipple confusion issues. Ultra wide-neck design allows easy cleaning by hand without a brush. Nipple and body is made of 100% safe hygienic silicone

Safe in microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers. Tips – If the bottle is leaking,make sure there’s not blockage on the vents. You can wash it in running water, or sterilize it in boiling water for 5 minutes.Also,make sure that the nipple, ring, and bottle base is aligned properly and screwed tightly and thoroughly. Maximum temperature for bottle and nipple is 180 degree Celsius and 120 degree Celsius for cap and outer ring

Dual anti-colic vents prevent unwanted air intake and reduce colic.

4.7 out of 5 – 44,091 global ratings

Comotomo Baby Bottle Review
When my son was first born, I bought dr. Browns bottles and used those exclusively. I liked those but there were SO MANY pieces to clean. Omg. So I bought 4 of these thinking that they would be easier to clean and I was right! The bottle part of this bottle is silicone and bendy and squishable which makes cleaning a lot easier. 

This bottle is also easy for my son to hold on his own, This bottle doesn’t leak except for when my son holds it above him and squeezes the bottle… but thats a him problem, not a problem with the bottles lol. We really like these bottles

2. Dr. Brown's Original Baby Bottle Newborn Feeding Set - Best Baby Bottle to Prevent Gas

dr brown baby bottle


Dr Brown's Baby Bottle Newborn Feeding Set (7 Piece Set) Price: $29.48

The Dr. Brown’s natural flow standard baby bottles offer a wonderful feeding experience with innovative vent technology. Dr Brown’s bottles use a patented 2-piece internal vent system for your baby’s comfort.

This system creates positive-pressure flow for vacuum-free feeding that is similar to breastfeeding. The breast milk or formula flows freely without nipple collapse. As the baby feeds, air is channeled from the nipple collar through the vent system to the back of the bottle. Air never mixes with the breast milk or formula so oxidation is prevented, thereby maintaining essential vitamins such as C, A and E.

The vent system eliminates air bubbles in the formula or milk, which helps to reduce feeding problems like colic, spit-up, burping and gas. Dr. Brown’s bottles are completely BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free for your baby’s safety.

Moreover, to avoid formula bubbles: Do not shake the bottle. Formula should be stirred qently to fully dissolve lumps – they can clog nipple holes.

4.7 out of 5 – 32,703 global ratings

Dr Brown Baby Bottle Review
I’ve now ordered 3 of these sets since my son was born in February. They are wonderful. My son loves them. Yes you have 2 extra pieces to clean but it’s really not hard and the little effort is completely worth it to have your baby be in less pain because of less gas. We did not have any issues with these bottles causing any nipple confusion while I was breastfeeding. Every baby is different but our baby loves these bottles and so do we!

Every time I purchase something online, I always check the reviews. I count on others to help me choose the best option. My reviews are always my honest opinion and I try to include photos if possible.

3. Boon, NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottle - Best Collapsible Bottle

Best Collapsible Bottle


Boon Nursh Bottle Price: $23 for 3 bottles

About this item
- Air-free feeding : Innovative silicone pouch collapses as baby drinks, cuts down on the ingestion of air to decrease painful gas, colic and burps.

- No straws, vents or valves: Other bottles require vents and valves that allow air back into the bottle

- Modeled after moms: Designed to mimic the natural form and feel of mom for baby feeding, easy to latch and encourages proper tongue positioning

- Reusable: Silicone pouches are reusable to produce less waste

- Easy to clean and washable: 100% dishwasher safe bottles, can be boiled, microwaved, frozen and sterilized.

4.7 out of 5 – 18,816 global ratings

Boon Nursh Bottle Review
I’m using these to feed my otherwise breastfed son. These are the slowest flow I’ve found that don’t collapse. It took my 3 month old 4 minutes to drink an oz. I’ve tried Avent, Tommee Tippee, Mam, Medela, and Lansinoh. I love that these collapse to prevent air, no messing with vents. My son latches on the bottle without issue, with other bottles he’d click or break his latch. He goes back and forth from bottle to breast with ease. I wish I’d bought these sooner!

4. MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Baby Bottle, 5 oz

MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottles Price : $18 for 3 bottles

- Comes apart for thorough cleaning
- Can be sterilized in the microwave with no extra accessories
- BPA free plastic

MAM bottles unscrew at the bottom and the top, which allows you to clean them really well. They also have a unique "self-sterilization" feature wherein you unscrew the bottle parts, add an ounce of water to the bottom piece, load in the nipple top and then the main sleeve and finally put the cap on top, and microwave it all for three minutes. 

"I’ve never seen anything like that with any other bottle," one tester noted. "It would be a great bottle for traveling when you don’t have access to your sterilizer or to boiling water."

How To Use MAM Anti Colic Bottles

4.7 out of 5 - 15,708 global ratings

My son is strictly breastfed, so this is the only bottle Ive found that he’ll take easily without fighting the nipple shape. He does click a little but not nearly as bad as some other bottles.

5. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle - Best Slow Flow Baby Bottle

Best Slow Flow Baby Bottle


Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles Price: $18.50 for 3 bottles

Closer to Nature’s award-winning BPA-free baby bottles are inspired by what babies love most—mom. With the most breast-like nipple ever made, this bottle flexes like breast and feels like mom because babies prefer it that way. it is the best thing for baby since you—making feeding easier for everyone.

- Super-sensitive slow flow nipple flexes like mom for a comfortable feed, smooth silicone feels closer to skin
- Optimum venting anti-colic valve in slow flow nipple for less air intake and less discomfort for baby
- Comfortable hold design and accurate measurement markings on bottle
- Ideal for breastfed or formula-fed babies
- BPA-free and phthalate-free for ultimate reassurance

4.7 out of 5 – 15,761 global ratings

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles Review
These bottles are the only ones my daughter won’t refuse. They literally are “closer to nature” the nipples are soft and the latch is just like it would be on a breast. Thanks to these bottles there has been no nipple confusion and I am able to both breastfeed and bottle feed my little one. It has made the transition to bottle easy for the both of us as I have to go back to work soon. If you’re a working mom like me, please consider these. You won’t regret it!

6. Lansinoh Baby Bottles - Best Bottle for Breastfed Baby

Best Bottle for Breastfed Baby

Lansinoh Baby Bottles Price : $17 for 3 bottles

- Nipple is designed to be similar to nursing
- Vented to cut down on gas and reflux
- BPA free plastic

Lansinoh is a nursing-first company; it tracks that their bottle nipple is designed to compliment breastfeeding and that their bottle was easily accepted by some of our testers with newborns.

"My first child wasn't picky at all," one tester said. "But my second was super picky and we finally got her to take the Lansinoh bottles. They seem most comfortable and similar to breastfeeding for her. My only complaint is that they only make glass bottles in the 8-ounce size so we have to wait until she's older to use glass, which we prefer."

Similar to other bottles on this list, Lansinoh bottles use a vented nipple to cut down on gas and reflux; it's also a controlled-flow nipple so that your baby should use roughly the same actions to drink from this as they use while nursing.

4.7 out of 5 - 15,560 global ratings

We have been trying to get my baby to take a bottle for probably about 6 weeks. We tried to do one once a day and fell behind and she just didn't like them anymore. Always fussed about them and would only take 1.5 oz max each time. 

We tried Dr.Brown, Philips of different kinds, and even Nanobebe. We tried to increase flow which helped slightly, but still 1.5 oz max. We tried me giving them or my husband, and even had me out of the house. I have to go back to work and finally tried these, noting that others did have to try a little at first with them. Well, THEY WORK. I did have to get size 4, because she's used to a faster flow from me. But after doing a switcheroo with her, she now seems to have no problem at all.

If you EBF and struggle with bottles, skip the others and just try these first. The nipple shape is perfect and I could just about cry with happiness seeing my girl finally gulping bottles down.

7. Evenflo Feeding Classic Clear Plastic Standard Neck Bottles

evenflo baby bottles

Evenflo Baby Bottles Price : $15 for 12 bottles

- BPA-free plastic
- 8oz

While manufacturers work to innovate the baby-bottle market, these traditional, affordable bottles continue to be a favorite of both babies and parents. In this century, they've been given a "twist" design that makes them easier to grip.

The price almost can't be beat, with the plastic version coming in at a little over a dollar per bottle and the glass version priced at a little over $3 dollars a bottle.

It's a little tough to see the ounce marks on the side, since they are clear like the bottle. But with some practice and time, it seems most parents get used to expertly filling even half or three-quarters of any bottle in the dark with their eyes closed.

4.6 out of 5 - 15,180 global ratings

These bottles are very good.They are easy to clean and the material very excellent.My daughter loves these bottles.they are good value for money.

8. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set - Best Wide-Neck Baby Bottle

Best Wide-Neck Baby Bottle


Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set Price: $68

Ideal starter set for the new mom with multiple bottle and nipple sizes and bottle accessories. Natural wide nipple shape and ultra soft feel makes it easy for baby to combine with breastfeeding

Moreover, it has Ultra soft nipple, mimics the feel of the breast; The bottles are made of polypropylene (plastic) and pacifiers are hospital grade silicone. Unique Airflex vent technology integrated into the nipple is designed to reduce feeding issues by venting air away from your baby’s tummy

This item includes three 4-oz./125ml Natural bottles with newborn nipples, two 9-oz/260ml bottles with slow flow nipples, 2 additional nipples (1 newborn, 1 slow flow), a bottle brush, 7 sealing disks, and 2 Soothie pacifiers (0-3m)

4.8 out of 5 –  5,647 global ratings

Philips Avent Baby Bottle Review
I had to buy avent bottles after my baby stopped drinking 4 oz on dr browns and would cry after 1 oz . I thought she was sick until i opened an avent bottle i had from amazon welcome box (baby registry) . So i came to order this. I just love it. Hopefully my girl dont go tired of this bottle.

9. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles - Best Bottle for Pumping Parents

Medela Breast Milk Bottles


Medela Breast Milk Bottles Price: $15.32 for 3 bottles

- Medela is the #1 Physician Recommended Breastmilk Storage Product in the U.S. 
- Compatible with all Medela breast pumps, so you can pump, store and feed with one container. 
- Made without BPA – safe plastic designed to retain breast milk’s beneficial properties
- Screw on lid for leak-proof storage, travel and freezing. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Includes (3) each of bottles, wide base slow flow nipples, collars, solid lids and caps. Bonus! Includes one Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bag for daily disinfecting of bottles and accessories. Nipples should not be used as pacifiers

4.7 out of 5 – 7,760 global ratings

Medela Breast Milk Bottle Review
We used Medela bottles for both of our sons, and both times, we tried switching to other bottles to try to alleviate their gas pain. In short, it never worked and both times we found ourselves coming back to the Medela bottles–and what do you know, both times, their gas gradually subsided anyway. I think we were comforting ourselves by trying whatever we could to help our little ones feel better, but in the end, we should have stuck with the Medela and saved money. They are definitely the best bottles we’ve used.

10. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Options+ Narrow Glass Baby Bottles - Best Glass Baby Bottle

dr brown's glass bottles


Dr Brown's Baby Bottle Price: $16 for 2 bottles

About this item
- Clinically proven to reduce colic
- Decreases spit-up, burping, and gas. Bpa free, Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe. 0m+
- Shown to better preserve nutrients in milk and formula
- Aids in digestion for a good night’s sleep
- Offers a flow rate that supports feeding.

4.7 out of 5 – 3,973 global ratings

Dr Brown's Baby Bottle Review
I love these bottles and so does my baby, I hate plastic and the waste of it and the chemicals in it, I also refuse to warm anything up in plastic. So these glass bottles are perfect for re heating milk. I love the glass bottles

11. NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle with SafeTemp

Nuk safe temp bottles

NUK Safe Temp Bottles Price : $26 for 4 bottles

- Temperature gauge turns white if milk is too hot
- Vented nipple helps curb reflux and gas
- BPA free plastic

NUK's newest bottle has a vented nipple to cut down on gas and reflux, and the brand touts the nipple's soft texture and ergonomic design made to accommodate the way a baby holds their tongue while feeding.

We've had many current testers tell us their baby took a liking to this one. Said one, "My son is exclusively drinking breastmilk and mostly directly from me, so I was pleasantly surprised to find he liked drinking expressed milk out of this bottle too."

A temperature indicator on the side disappears when the milk is too hot for a baby to drink, then reappears as the milk cools down and is safe and ready for feeding. It's one of the only bottles we know of with that feature. The brand designs the bottles in plastic only, not glass.

4.7 out of 5 - 1,018 global ratings

This is the second set we’ve bought. We got these to trick baby into thinking that she’s nursing so that we could do pumped milk as well as nurse. They work perfectly! Baby really had to pull the milk out of the bottle and it doesn’t leak. She can control what she takes out so that’s really cool! It works just like a breast!

12. Hegen Wide Neck Baby Bottles

Hegen Baby Bottle Price : $47 for 2 bottles

PRESS-TO-CLOSE, TWIST-TO-OPEN (PCTO )- Hassle-free handling with no spillage; one handed closure (Patent Pending). PRECAUTIONARY DESIGN: If the liquid in the bottle is too hot (above 70 deg Celsius), air pressure will force the fluid out from the sides. This works as a precautionary in case the milk is too hot for consumption. 


MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FEEDING SYSTEM- when the baby no longer needs the bottle, the bottle can be transformed into a food container, water bottle, storage container with our optional accessories (sold separately). Let our bottle grow with your child. bullet-point

LIKE A MOTHER'S BREAST / MORE NUTRIENTS, LESS AIR- Air venting bypasses the milk, minimizing air bubbles & oxidation of nutrients. Built-in anti-colic air vent reduces air intake. Elliptical-shaped silicone teat simulate a latching experience. Off-center teat enables your baby to feed in natural upright position.

STACKABLE & EASY TO CLEAN- “soft-square” design prevents the bottle from rolling away and allows it to be stackable to optimize storage

BPA, BPS, PVC, & PHTHALATES FREE- created with NSF certified PPSU that combines advantages of both glass and plastic material; lightweight & odor free; Shatter resistant and Dishwasher safe (top rack only)

4.6 out of 5 - 1,020 global ratings

Hegen Baby Bottle Review
Our 10 week old is exclusively breast fed. We have has been trying to introduce bottle feeding, and so far she has rejected every bottle we've tried. Eveey attempt was an hour long ordeal with crying, frustration, and spilled milk.

THIS BOTTLE IS A GAME CHANGER! She took it immediately and had a full meal. She even git mad when we stopped to burp her. The latch was natural, the pace was just right. She also went back to the breast easily. This bottle is worth every penny!


1. Why should baby bottles be BPA-free?

When babies use bottle which isn’t BPA free, their body can absorb the BPA molecules. The issue is that BPA acts as an artificial hormone, disrupting a baby’s hormonal development and potentially leading to major health issues later in life.

2. When is the best time to introduce a bottle?

Although there is no ideal timing, lactation consultants generally advise waiting until the breast milk supply is established and breastfeeding is going well. An ideal time for introducing a bottle is between 2-4 weeks.

3. How to clean baby bottles

- Be sure to wash your hands before handling your baby's bottles for cleaning and drying.

- Baby bottles must be cleaned with soap, not just rinsed, after every use.

- At room temperature, expressed breastmilk or formula is safe for only two hours. If you come across a bottle that's been sitting out for that long or longer, you need to toss the milk or formula that's inside and clean the bottle thoroughly.

- Feeding items should be sanitized once a day if your infant is younger than 2 months, a preemie or health-compromised. As your baby grows older, a regular cleaning after each use is enough, with occasional sanitizing for peace of mind.

- The easiest way to clean any baby bottle is in the top rack of the dishwasher. It helps to have a dishwasher basket to hold small parts, like bottle nipples. The CDC says that if you use a sanitizing cycle and heated dry cycle, you’ve effectively sanitized everything. If you wash baby bottles on a normal, quick or eco cycle and opt to air dry, you’ll want to occasionally sterilize in addition to using the dishwasher.

Hand-washing a baby bottle and its parts also works and is necessary if you don't own a dishwasher, and it's bound to happen when your dishes get backup up. The CDC suggests you put the parts in a large, clean bowl and add soap and water before scrubbing, rather than letting parts fall into the sink, in case the sink harbors germs. There are many bottle brushes you can use and any dish soap is good, though there are some brands such as Dapple Baby Bottle Soap that specifically target fatty milk residue to help remove stubborn stains.

4. How long to sterilize baby bottles in boiling water

5 minutes. Make sure all air bubbles are out of the bottles and that they are fully submerged under the water. Bring the water to the boil. Boil for 5 minutes. Let the feeding equipment cool in the saucepan before taking it out.

5. What to do with old baby bottles?

  • Recycle them.
  • Use them as traveling snack containers.
  • Turn them into art supply containers or for rinsing out paintbrushes.
  • Donate them to a local animal shelter, hospital or zoo. I think they're probably less picky about the condition.
  • Give them to the kids to use with dolls.
  • Use them as measuring cups for liquids.

6. How to choose a baby bottle

a. It should be easy to assemble and fill

You should be able to easily put the pieces of the bottle together, which usually means popping in a nipple and screwing on the top. The bottle should also have a mouth that’s wide enough to pour milk into without dumping it onto the counter. Or, if you’re using powdered formula, the bottle should allow for easy stirring. (Pro tip: We like to use a chopstick.)

b. It should be easy to wash

When choosing a bottle, look for a shape that makes it easy to clean. Sour milk or extra formula powder can get stuck in the cracks and corners, which can lead to bad smells and make the bottle unsafe for a baby to use. Most bottles can be put in a dishwasher, but we prioritized bottles with a wider-neck shape, which made them easier to clean with a good bottle brush.

c. It needs to be leak-free

There’s nothing worse than discovering a puddle of breastmilk on the floor of the car next to a tipped-over bottle. Thus, we searched for bottles that sealed tightly and didn’t leak, even after being shaken up or dropped. Most came with lids, and we made sure that they sealed well and didn’t fall off in transit.

d. It needs to be durable

You’ll be using these bottles for at least a few months, if not for a full year, so we looked for bottles that could handle being used daily for many months without picking up nasty smells or cracking.

e. There are options for materials

Many bottles are made from a lightweight and durable plastic. However, there has been increased concern from parents over the chemicals that can be leached from plastic food or beverage containers which is why you'll see mentions of BPA or phthalate-free plastics. Some parents will opt to use glass bottles instead, and popular brands like Dr. Brown's often offer a glass version of their products. However, glass comes with its own trade-offs: it's easier to crack or break, and it's much heavier.

f. Your baby needs to like it

Most babies have varying nipple preferences, based on the shape of their mother’s breast, so this measure is a bit subjective. But based on online reviews and our personal experiences, we noticed that certain nipple shapes were easier for most babies to latch onto. Wider, shallower-shaped nipples with a skinnier teat made for an easier experience, especially if the bottle's nipple had a little bit of give, just like a mother’s breast might.

g. You might need colic-free technology

Some bottles, Dr. Brown’s in particular, are made with anti-colic vents, which limits the amount of milk your baby can take in and helps to reduce gas or air bubbles in their stomach. Other bottles, like our Best Anti-colic pick the MAM Easy-Start, use other methods to control milk flow and also allow you to 'graduate' to larger nipple sizes as your baby grows. While this isn’t necessary for older babies, pediatricians often recommend this option for infants under the age of 6 months, and especially for babies born prematurely.

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