7 Best Chlorine Free Diapers Malaysia 2023

Most babies will go through at least 8000 diapers that will be in constant contact with their skin before switching to underwear or get potty-trained. Therefore, any harmful chemicals will usually end up in your baby's system. One such chemical is chlorine.

What is chlorine doing in diapers? The inner part of the diaper is made of SAP and wood pulp. These materials may be bleached with chlorine to whiten and soften them. This produces dioxin that is a known carcinogen.

Dioxin is also known to damage the immune system and interfere with hormonal systems. Chronic exposure has been linked with health problems such as diabetes, learning disabilities, immune system suppression, lung problems, skin disorders, lowered testosterone levels and more.

Luckily, chlorine free diapers are out there in the market. We have listed some of the chlorine free diapers you can find in Malaysia.

Best Chlorine Free Diapers Malaysia 2023

1. Huggies Platinum NatureMade (Chlorine Free)

- Previously known as Huggies Platinum, this product has been rebranded to Huggies Platinum Nature-Made
- Zero Feel Technology : Super thin. Super absorbent. As comfortable as wearing nothing at all.
- 5mm thin
- 12 hours coverage
- Contains Vitamin E from wheat germ oil - Soothes and nourishes baby’s skin
- No harmful chemicals : No elemental chlorine, heavy metals, dioxin, phthalate or optical brighteners
- Contains poop pocket to prevent leakage
- Stretchable Waistband

Huggies Platinum Nature Made Price

a. Huggies Platinum NatureMade for Newborn

NB Size - Up to 5kg / NB60 - 60 pieces per pack

Check price at Lazada or Shopee

b. Huggies Platinum NatureMade Taped Diapers

i. S Size - 4 to 8kg / S82, 82 pieces per pack
ii. M Size - 6 to 11kg / M64, 64 pieces per pack
iii. L Size - 9 to 14kg / L54, 54 pieces per pack
iv. XL Size - 12 to 17kg / XL44, 44 pieces per pack

Check price at Lazada or Shopee

c. Huggies Platinum NatureMade Pants

i. M Size - 6 to 11kg / M58, 58 pieces per pack
ii. L Size - 9 to 14kg / L44, 44 pieces per pack
iii. XL Size - 12 to 18kg / XL38, 38 pieces per pack
iv. XXL Size - Over 15kg / XXL 26, 26 pieces per pack

Price : RM50 to RM75 per pack for each size

Check price at Lazada or Shopee

2. Applecrumby Pure Basics Chlorine Free Diapers

  • 100% Chlorine Free Plant Derived Pulp from Finland (SGS Certified)
  • PURE - 0% Fragrance, Toxic Dye, Asbestos, DEHP, Phthalates, Heavy Metals, Latex (Fully Certified)
  • Wetness Indicator Strips tell you when your baby needs a change of diaper!
  • Up to 12-Hour Dryness and Protection with our Japan Premium Absorb Technology
  • Holds 30X its Weight in Liquid
  • Feather Soft Top Sheet (diamond quillted) and Back Sheet
  • Wide, Sretchy and High Waisted Waist Band for all those blow out moments!
  • Gorgeous , soft & dye free refasten-able side adhesive tabs
  • Super Long Triple Leak Guard, Dye Free Barrier Cuffs (15mm lenght) for the perfect leak protection
  • Pack Size: 24 pieces
  • Size: 380x280mm
  • Baby's weight: 3 - 6 kg

Applecrumby Pure Basics Chlorine Free Diapers Price

Price range varies widely by seller / size / promotion. Prices may vary from RM20 to RM60 per pack.

3. Offspring Fashion Tape Diapers (Chlorine Free Diapers)

- Eco-friendly, ultra-soft diapers with designer prints
- Superior absorbency, great for day and night use 
- Fashionable designer prints; created with ink that’s free of lead and heavy metals
- Ultra-Breathable inner and outer layer; made with chlorine-free woodpulp 
- Wear without worry– Completely free of dyes, fragrances, lotions, chloride, phthalates, optical brighteners and latex. 
- FSC certified chlorine-free fluffpulp (FSC C133010)
- Certified Cruelty-Free and completely vegan!

Offspring Diapers Price

Out of Stock? Check on Lazada or Shopee

4. Drypers Skinature

Developed with Derma-Care Technology™; Skinature by Drypers is made from premium soft materials with superior absorbency and a 3D-embossed top layer which helps to absorb and distribute urine quickly, ensuring your baby stays clean and dry.

Derma-Care Technology™ is a combination of soft & breathable material with special care technology keeping baby’s skin dry. It is gentle for all skin types, even on sensitive skin that is prone to EU26 Allergens.

It is also chlorine free and fragrance free. Not just the top sheet, but the whole diaper is safe and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. It is made with a 3D embossed top sheet with deeper air pockets, creating double the space between the diaper and baby’s skin as compared to Drypers Touch allowing more air flow and breathability. So your baby’s skin remains dry and clean.

A detector at the front of the diaper that turns from yellow to green gradually to indicate when to change the diaper without the need to check inside. Change is recommended when 2/3 of the indicator line is green. Skinature by Drypers has a 6x more stretchable waistband, which allows your baby to grow physically unhindered and without the need to change size too quickly.

Sizes - NB to XL

Drypers Skinature Price

RM51.70 on Lazada

RM52.40 on Shopee

Out of stock? Check price on Lazada or Shopee

5. Bambo Nature

- Eco friendly baby diapers
- No chlorine, latex, phthalates, PVC, perfume & lotion
- No heavy metals, allergens & harmful substance
- Skin friendly & environmental friendly
- Flexible, ultra-soft & breathable
- Certified by Asthma & Allergy Association
- Made in Denmark using sustainable resources
- Contains color-changing wetness indicator

Size 1 for New Born - 2 to 5kg ( 28pcs )
Size 2 for XS - 3 to 6kg ( 30pcs )
Size 3 for S - 4 to 9kg ( 33pcs )
Size 4 for M - 7 to 18kg ( 30pcs )
Size 5 for L - 11 to 25kg ( 27pcs )
Size 6 for XL - 15 to 30kg ( 22pcs )

Bambo Nature Chlorine Free Diapers Price

Out of stock? Find on Lazada or Shopee

6. Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers

- 12 Hour Leakage Protection
- FreshAir™ Breathable Layer
- Free & Clear 0% lotions, fragrances, and chlorine bleaching
- Acquisition Layer absorbs liquid in seconds
- Absorbent Core: The absorbent core of our diapers is not bleached or processed with chemicals containing chlorine
- FSC® Certified Sustainably Harvested Plant-Based Pulp
- The absorbent fluff pulp in these diapers is FSC Certified

Other Ingredients
Totally chlorine-free processed wood fluff pulp (absorbent core), sodium polyacrylate (absorbent core), polypropylene (core wrap, cuff, inner liner, fastening system, outer layer), polyethylene (breathable moisture barrier, outer layer), polyolefins (acquisition layer), polyurethane (waist elastic), adhesives (seams, joints), polymer spandex (fastening system, leg elastic), Inks (external printed designs), pigments.

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers Price

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1. Diapers Guide 101

best diaper malaysia

2. How to Buy Baby Diapers

You may be wondering: How quickly do babies outgrow their diaper size? What if you decide one style is better than another and experience stockpiler’s remorse? How many diapers do you actually need? Should you stock up on larger diapers as well? To discover more detailed answers, check out the guide on How to buy Baby Diapers in Malaysia.

Most newborns gain about 3 pounds during the first month and babies born with a higher birth weight tend to skip this diaper size altogether. Therefore, there's no point stockpiling on size NB.

You can always start small. Try stockpiling no larger than size 1, just in case you don’t like the first brand you try.

Once you get a feel for fit, cost, brand, and size, go ahead and purchase more — up to an entire year’s worth or more of diapers. Keep in mind your own baby’s weight and rate of gain when planning. Never pay full price for diapers unless it’s an emergency (more on saving on diapers below).

Keep in mind that different brands may work better or worse for different babies, so be open to trying a few different diapers before you decide on the right ones for you. Sometimes a diaper that costs a little more is a better fit and works better, making it worth the extra money.

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