12 Best Diapers for Sensitive Skin in Malaysia 2022

 Babies with sensitive skin may face skin problems such as eczema or diaper rash if given the wrong diapers. These problems can be caused by wet diapers, allergic reactions, infrequent change of diapers, or when the diaper rubs against the skin repeatedly. Therefore, extra care is usually necessary when picking a diaper for sensitive babies.

Here are some diapers that are less likely to irritate your baby's skin.

1. Bambo Nature

- Eco friendly baby diapers
- No chlorine, latex, phthalates, PVC, perfume & lotion
- No heavy metals, allergens & harmful substance
- Skin friendly & environmental friendly
- Flexible, ultra-soft & breathable
- Certified by Asthma & Allergy Association
- Made in Denmark using sustainable resources
- Contains color-changing wetness indicator

Size 1 for New Born - 2 to 5kg ( 28pcs )
Size 2 for XS - 3 to 6kg ( 30pcs )
Size 3 for S - 4 to 9kg ( 33pcs )
Size 4 for M - 7 to 18kg ( 30pcs )
Size 5 for L - 11 to 25kg ( 27pcs )
Size 6 for XL - 15 to 30kg ( 22pcs )

2. Moony Natural Tape Diapers / Pants - Best Diapers for Sensitive Skin

- Japan’s 1st Organic Diaper. 
- Made in Japan. 
- Organic cotton on top surface sheet that is ultra soft to touch. 
- Gentle for babies with sensitive skin.
- No petroleum derived oil, chemical fragrances, latex and artificial colourants.
- Contains 3 types of natural plant oils : Olive oil, jojoba oil and rice bran oil for moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects.
- Contains wetness indicators
- Absorbs loose stool : Wavy absorbing zone effectively absorbs loose stool
- Up to 12 hours absorbency
- Breathable

a. MamyPoko Natural Tape Diapers

i. NB - Up to 5kg / 63 pieces per pack
ii. S - 4 to 8kg / 58 pieces per pack
iii. M - 6 to 11kg / 48 pieces per pack
iv. L - 9 to 14kg / 40 pieces per pack

Moony Diapers Price - RM50 to RM60 per pack for each size

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b. MamyPoko Natural Pants

i. M - 5 to 10kg / 46 pieces per pack
ii. L - 9 to 14kg / 36 pieces per pack
iii. XL - 12 to 22kg / 32 pieces per pack

Moony Diapers Price - RM55 to RM65 per pack for each size

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3. Applecrumby Chlorine Free Diapers Malaysia

  • 100% Chlorine Free Plant Derived Pulp from Finland (SGS Certified)
  • PURE - 0% Fragrance, Toxic Dye, Asbestos, DEHP, Phthalates, Heavy Metals, Latex (Fully Certified)
  • Wetness Indicator Strips tell you when your baby needs a change of diaper!
  • Up to 12-Hour Dryness and Protection with our Japan Premium Absorb Technology
  • Holds 30X its Weight in Liquid
  • Feather Soft Top Sheet (diamond quillted) and Back Sheet
  • Wide, Sretchy and High Waisted Waist Band for all those blow out moments!
  • Gorgeous , soft & dye free refasten-able side adhesive tabs
  • Super Long Triple Leak Guard, Dye Free Barrier Cuffs (15mm lenght) for the perfect leak protection
  • Pack Size: 24 pieces
  • Size: 380x280mm
  • Baby's weight: 3 - 6 kg

Applecrumby Chlorine Free Diapers Price 

Price range varies widely by seller / size / promotion. Prices may vary from RM20 to RM60 per pack.

4. Besoo Tape Diapers / Pants

Besoo disposal diaper with Camellia oil available in tape and pull up pants.
Camellia Tea oil is plant extract that keeps baby free from diaper rashes, prevent skin irritation and nourishes your little one skin.
- Leak Proof Design - Prevent side, back, front leakage
- Airy 3D Surface - Breathable material to let hot air out.  With 3D three-dimensional perforated surface layer and super soft breathable base film not only comfortable, refreshing and breathable. It is also friendly to your little one delicate skin
- High Absorbency - can absorb up to 8 times, 600ml of liquid.  Which is 1pc=3pcs of diapers. It is money saving
- Ultra-Thin 2mm thinness
- Smart Urine indicator reminds you to change your little one diaper

Besoo Tape Diapers Price

RM40 on Shopee

5. Offspring Fashion Tape Diapers (Chlorine Free Diapers)

- Eco-friendly, ultra-soft diapers with designer prints
- Superior absorbency, great for day and night use 
- Fashionable designer prints; created with ink that’s free of lead and heavy metals
- Ultra-Breathable inner and outer layer; made with chlorine-free woodpulp 
- Wear without worry– Completely free of dyes, fragrances, lotions, chloride, phthalates, optical brighteners and latex. 
- FSC certified chlorine-free fluffpulp (FSC C133010)
- Certified Cruelty-Free and completely vegan!

Offspring Diapers Price

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6. Drypers Skinature

Developed with Derma-Care Technology™; Skinature by Drypers is made from premium soft materials with superior absorbency and a 3D-embossed top layer which helps to absorb and distribute urine quickly, ensuring your baby stays clean and dry.

Derma-Care Technology™ is a combination of soft & breathable material with special care technology keeping baby’s skin dry. It is gentle for all skin types, even on sensitive skin that is prone to EU26 Allergens.

It is also chlorine free and fragrance free. Not just the top sheet, but the whole diaper is safe and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. It is made with a 3D embossed top sheet with deeper air pockets, creating double the space between the diaper and baby’s skin as compared to Drypers Touch allowing more air flow and breathability. So your baby’s skin remains dry and clean.

A detector at the front of the diaper that turns from yellow to green gradually to indicate when to change the diaper without the need to check inside. Change is recommended when 2/3 of the indicator line is green. Skinature by Drypers has a 6x more stretchable waistband, which allows your baby to grow physically unhindered and without the need to change size too quickly.

Sizes - NB to XL

Drypers Skinature Price

RM45 to RM55 on Lazada

RM55 on Shopee

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7. Beaba Designer Tape Diapers - Best Designer Diapers

- AIR-CONDITIONING FIBRES : Continuously absorbs and releases energy, keeping the temperature at a moderate level. Just like a mini air conditioner!

- HONEYCOMB DESIGN LAYERS : Provides breathability, reduces contact area, improves air circulation, regulates heat

- ANTIBACTERIAL POLYMER PROTECTS YOUR BABY - Enhanced antibacterial properties prevent bacteria growth, relieves redness, swelling, irritation and protects your baby's skin.

- DOUBLE-LAYER LEAK-PROOF - More ways than one in caring for babies. Instant absorption to lock in liquids with double-layer 3D leak-proof enclosure, effectively avoiding side leakage and avoid the small embarrassments in life.

- Sizes : S to XXL

1. Crazy Animal Fans Design
2. Light Years Away Space Design : Contains Shea Butter rich with Vitamin E to nourish the skin.
3. Ice Cream Design : Contains bamboo charcoal to eliminate odor and act as a dehumidifier.
4. Radio Design
5. Jungle Life Story Design : Rich in Citric Acid for added Vitamin C for the skin and a balanced ph on the diaper's surface (PH 4.8 to 6.8)
6. Eternal Summer Beach Design
7. Masterpiece Painting Design : Contains Silk Peptide Protein that provides a variety of amino acids for healthy skin
8. Big Fish & Begonia Design : Contains Shea Butter rich with Vitamin E to nourish the skin.
9. Fashion Gala Design

Check out every series' designs at Beaba Designer Diapers Malaysia

Find your favourite design on Lazada or Shopee

a. Beaba Crazy Animal Design

Sizes : S to XXL

Baeba Diapers Price

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8. MamyPoko Air Fit Tape Diapers / Pants

MamyPoko's most popular range. Made in Japan, MamyPoko's Softest to Skin diaper was awarded No. 1 Mom's Choice in Japan for 3 years in a row. 

Thinner, softer and stretchier than MamyPoko extra dry.
- Includes a wetness indicator to let parents know when the baby requires a change. 
- Speed AirWave technology allows for 12 hour absorbing capacity. 
- Silky smooth texture for sensitive baby skin. 
- Malleable absorbent pad that adapts its shape to the baby's bottom. 
- Good airflow and breathability. 

a. MamyPoko Airfit Tape Diapers

i. NB - Up to 5kg / 90pcs per pack
ii. S - 4 to 8kg / 84 pieces per pack
iii. M - 6 to 11kg / 64 pieces per pack
iv. L - 9 to 14kg / 54 pieces per pack
v. XL - 12 to 17kg / 44 pieces per pack

MamyPoko Price - RM50 to RM55 per pack for each size

b. MamyPoko Airfit Pants

> M - 5 to 12kg / 58 pieces per pack
> L - 9 to 14kg / 44 pieces per pack 
> XL - 12 to 22kg / 38 pieces per pack 
> XXL Girl - 13 to 28kg / 26 pieces per pack 
> XXL Boy - 15 to 35kg / 26 pieces per pack 

MamyPoko Price - RM50 to RM55 per pack for each size

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9. Sokano Diaper Pants

- Adjustable, reusable and washable cloth diapers
- 5 different colour diaper pants/nappy cover and 5 pieces of 3 layers cotton inserts
- One size fit all- adjustable by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the nappy
- Cotton inserts can put on the nappy cover or insert into the pocket in the nappy cover
- Suitable for babies and toddlers 3kg-15kg (a rough guide for reference only)
- Washable, waterproof and breathable
- Comfortable elastic legging area to prevent leaking
- Environmental friendly to reduce disposal of disposable drypers
- Non-sensitive to baby skins

Sokano Diapers Price

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10. Pampers Ichiban Taped Diapers - Made in Japan

Pampers diaper brand is the #1 diaper brand on the Amazon Best Sellers Baby's category (more than 40,000 ratings). 
  • Pampers diapers is the #1 diaper of choice in Japan hospitals.
  • Best Care for Skin with ultra soft materials that provide optimal comfort to your baby's skin.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Wetness Indicator tells you when your baby might need a change.
  • Pamper's unique Absorb Away Liner pulls wetness and mess away from baby's skin.
  • Breathable materials allow air to reach baby's skin.
  • Extra Absorb Channels help distribute wetness evenly for up to 12 hours of protection.

Pampers Ichiban Sizes

- NB (< 5 kgs) 
- SM (4-8 kgs) 
- MD (6-11 kgs) 
- LG (9-14 kgs)
- XL (12 kgs & up) 

Pampers Price

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11. Besuper Bamboo Planet Biodegradable Baby Diaper - Best Biodegradable Diaper Malaysia

There are not many biodegradable diaper brands available in Malaysia for those who want to stay environmentally friendly. This is the one brand we found that may be viable as a biodegradable option for Malaysian babies.

- 100% bamboo fiber surface and bottom layer reduce the risk of irritation and red rash.
- Chlorine and fragrance free diaper protects your baby from any chemical substances.
- Super absorption levels and good leakage protection help baby sleep well whole day. 
- Natural&Renewable bamboo grows fast and is free of fertilizers and pesticides.
- Less chemical composition uses organic AZO dyes based on EU REACH regulation
- Biodegradable LDPE film package causes less pollution to the earth.

Besuper Bamboo Planet Biodegradable Baby Diaper Price

12. Huggies Platinum NatureMade (Chlorine Free Diapers)

Huggies diapers is one of the top 3 diaper brands on the Amazon Best Sellers Baby's category with more than 30,000 ratings. Their diaper technology for dryness and breathability is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash or dermatitis.

- Previously known as Huggies Platinum, this product has been rebranded to Huggies Platinum Nature-Made
- Zero Feel Technology : Super thin. Super absorbent. As comfortable as wearing nothing at all.
- 5mm thin
- 12 hours coverage
- Contains Vitamin E from wheat germ oil - Soothes and nourishes baby’s skin
- No harmful chemicals : No elemental chlorine, heavy metals, dioxin, phthalate or optical brighteners
- Contains poop pocket to prevent leakage
- Stretchable Waistband

Huggies Platinum Nature Made Price

a. Huggies Platinum NatureMade for Newborn

NB Size - Up to 5kg / NB60 - 60 pieces per pack

Price : RM40 to RM50 per pack

Check price at Lazada or Shopee

b. Huggies Platinum NatureMade Taped Diapers

i. S Size - 4 to 8kg / S82, 82 pieces per pack
ii. M Size - 6 to 11kg / M64, 64 pieces per pack
iii. L Size - 9 to 14kg / L54, 54 pieces per pack
iv. XL Size - 12 to 17kg / XL44, 44 pieces per pack

Price : RM45 to RM60 per pack for each size

Check price at Lazada or Shopee

c. Huggies Platinum NatureMade Pants

i. M Size - 6 to 11kg / M58, 58 pieces per pack
ii. L Size - 9 to 14kg / L44, 44 pieces per pack
iii. XL Size - 12 to 18kg / XL38, 38 pieces per pack
iv. XXL Size - Over 15kg / XXL 26, 26 pieces per pack

Price : RM60 to RM75 per pack for each size

Check price at Lazada or Shopee