Hegen Baby Bottle : Price and Reviews 2023

Choosing an ideal bottle for a baby is essential for their comfort and wellbeing during feeding. It ensures a smooth transition from breast to bottle and has significant impact on frequent problems like colic and nipple confusion. A high-quality bottle also guarantees safety and durability, saving parents from constant replacements.

For parents looking for a dependable option, Hegen Baby Bottles are a great option. Their innovative square design minimizes spills and allows for easy storage, making them ideal for busy parents. With anti-colic features and a commitment to safety using food-grade materials, Hegen ensures a comfortable and secure feeding experience for both babies and parents.

Hegen Baby Bottle Choices

Hegen Baby Bottles
  • Bottle size: Whether you’re looking for a small 60ml bottle or a larger 330ml one, the Hegen By Me system offers you four different sizes to choose from. This way, you can choose the size that fits your baby’s needs perfectly.
  • Nipple flow rate: Hegen Baby Bottle teats come in different flow rates that match your baby's age and feeding style. You can choose from slow flow, medium flow, and fast flow to ensure your baby is getting just the right amount of milk.
  • Bottle colour: The Hegen By Me bottle is available in a variety of colours, including fun designs such as dinosaurs and bees. Choose from pink, blue, grey, and white - or why not mix and match to create a unique look?
Hagen Baby Bottle also offer a variety of custom accessories, including handles, spouts, and storage containers, so you can ensure the bottle is functional for your baby’s needs. And with a unique square-shaped design, these bottles are easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing you to create a personalised baby bottle that’s perfect for any family.

List of Hegen Baby Bottles

Bottles are made of PPSU, a lightweight FDA-grade material known for its high heat resistance, similar to glass. Simply Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open™ (PCTO™) to secure and remove the World's first patented no screw-thread closure lid. Hegen’s signature Sqround™ shape allows for interchangeable lids, making it a breeze to pump, store & feed breastmilk in a single bottle with no transfer needed. Plus they are stackable & easy to clean!

Recycle bottle into a storage container when baby has outgrown milk feeding. Truly multi-functional & sustainable.

1. Hegen 2oz /60ml Baby Bottle

Hegen 2oz /60ml Baby Bottle With Extra Slow Flow Teat

2. Hegen 5oz /150ml Baby Bottle

Hegen 5oz /150ml Baby Bottle
  • Bundle of 2, Hegen 5oz /150ml Baby Bottle With Slow Flow Nipple | $38 on Hegen.US

3. Hegen 8oz /240ml Feeding Bottle

Hegen 8oz /240ml Feeding Bottle

4. Hegen 11oz /330ml Feeding Bottle

Hegen 11oz /330ml Feeding Bottle
  • Bundle of 2, Hegen 11oz /330ml Baby Bottle With Fast Flow Teat | $47 on Amazon

List of Hegen Baby Nipples

Hegen Teats Guide

Increase the teat size when your baby:
  • Shows signs of fussiness or irritation during feeding
  • Takes an extended time to complete drinking
  • Falls asleep mid-feed
  • Bites or pulls on the teat
Downsize the teat level when your baby:
  • Shows signs of difficulty in sucking or swallowing
  • Experiences milk flow that seems too fast or overwhelming
  • Spills or coughs frequently during feeds
  • Seems frustrated or agitated while feeding; refuses the bottle

1. Hegen Nipple Extra Slow Flow 0m+

Hegen Nipple Extra Slow Flow

Hegen’s Extra Slow Flow teat is suitable from birth (even for premature or low birth weight babies) as it mimics the initial flow of transitional breast milk.

2. Hegen Nipple Slow Flow

egen Nipple Slow Flow

Hegen’s Slow Flow teat is suitable from the first month as it mimics the initial slow flow of breast milk and is designed to encourage smooth transition from breast to bottle feeding, minimizing nipple confusion for your baby.

3. Hegen Nipple Medium Flow

Hegen Nipple Medium Flow

Hegen’s Medium Flow teat is suitable from the third month as it gradually increases the milk flow rate as babies develop their ability to coordinate both the suckling and swallowing reflex.

4. Hegen Nipple Fast Flow

Hegen Nipple Fast Flow

Hegen’s Fast Flow teat is suitable from the sixth month as it meets the need for a fast milk flow rate during weaning.

5. Hegen Nipple Thick Flow 

Hegen Nipple Thick Flow

Hegen’s Thick Feed teat has a special Y cut which allows for an extra fast flow and is suitable for semi-solids, thicker feed (e.g. milk with added cereal or rice powder).

Comparing Hegen Brand to Other Brands

a. Hegen vs Comotomo

Hegen bottles are made from PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone), a high-quality, durable, and BPA-free material. PPSU is known for its resistance to heat and impact. While Comotomo bottles are made from soft, squeezable silicone. Silicone is also BPA-free and known for its flexibility and durability.

Hegen bottles have a unique square design that is meant to be ergonomic and easy to hold. On the other hand, Comotomo bottles have a more natural, breast-like shape, which can be comforting for babies transitioning between breast and bottle feeding.

b. Hegen vs Philips Avent

Hegen bottles are made from durable PPSU material and have a distinctive square design, making them easy to handle and stack. Avent bottles, on the other hand, offer a wide range of bottle shapes, including a wide, breast-shaped nipple design. 

Therefore, your choice between them will come down to your preference for design and materials, with Hegen offering a premium square design and PPSU material, while Avent provides versatility with various bottle shapes and materials like polypropylene and glass. 

c. Hegen vs Dr. Brown

Hegen and Dr. Brown's are popular baby bottle brands, each with its own appeal. Hegen bottles feature a premium square design and PPSU material, making them a higher-end option. On the other hand, Dr. Brown's bottles are known for their internal vent system designed to reduce colic and gas and are often considered more budget-friendly. 

Your choice will depend on whether you prioritize design and material quality (Hegen) or anti-colic features and affordability (Dr. Brown's). Both brands offer wide-neck bottles for easy cleaning and a range of nipple options to match your baby's needs.

d. Hegen vs Pigeon

Hegen bottles are known for their premium PPSU material and unique square design, offering durability and stackability. While Pigeon bottles offer a more traditional bottle shape with various nipple options to cater to different preferences. Pigeon is often considered a budget-friendly choice compared to the premium positioning of Hegen. Both brands feature wide-neck designs for easy cleaning and provide accessories for added convenience.

e. Hegen vs Tommee Tippee

Hegen and Tommee Tippee are popular baby bottle brands, each offering unique features. Hegen bottles are known for their premium PPSU material and distinctive square design, while Tommee Tippee offers a range of designs, including breast-like shapes in their Closer to Nature line. Both brands have wide-neck bottles for easy cleaning and various nipple options to suit your baby's preferences. Hegen is often considered a premium choice, while Tommee Tippee is more budget-friendly. 

f. Hegen vs Spectra

Hegen primarily focuses on baby bottles and related accessories, with a strong emphasis on innovative bottle design and materials like PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone). On the other hand, Spectra is best known for its breast pumps and related breastfeeding products, and they offer bottles as part of their broader breastfeeding support system.

Hegen Baby Bottle Reviews - According to Reddit

Hegen baby bottles? 

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone here had an opinion on Hegen bottles? ...

They are the BEST bottles, I ended up buying the entire range (all sizes as baby grew). I never needed another bottle type as my daughter loved them. Everyone I know who used them, loves them. None of the other bottles in the market compare. I’m sure your baby will love them!

... I started my first in Hegen around 3-4 months, after trying multiple bottles, Hegen were the best. I had purchased the 8oz bottle on Amazon my first time and then ordered the 11oz 2-pack bottles.…then once I got pregnant again I did not look at any other bottle brand but Hegen...

It’s been almost 2 years now with the bottles. I totally understand and reason with you on pricing but if I knew how good they turned out to be I would have not gone with another brand. But you have to learn somehow right, I hope my comment helps you decide and if you do keep them I hope the best for your baby!


a. How to Use Hegen Bottle

  • Before feeding, gently squeeze the anti-colic air vent to ensure it is open.
  • Place the Collar over the Teat, ensuring that the Hegen logos on both items are aligned.
  • Pull the Teat through the Collar until it is snugly fitted.
  • Turn the Collar up and press on all four undersides of the Teat to ensure that it is fully secured.
  • Place on the Transparent Cover for hygiene purposes.
  • Press-To-Close to assemble the PPSU bottle to the Feeding Head (the assembled collar, teat and transparent cover).
  • Now your bottle is ready for use!
For a leak-resistance experience, tighten the collar by turning it clockwise to secure the bottle.

b. How Long Can Hegen Bottle Last?

International standards require replacing PPSU bottles after 6 months. Hegen bottles are built to last and can be adapted to meet the changing demands of a growing child. As your baby grows, you may continue to use our bottles and convert them to snack cups. If there are any scratches or signs of wear and tear on the bottles, we recommend that these be replaced as well.

c. How Long Can Hegen Teats Last?

To be safe, we recommend replacing the teats every 3 months or whenever there are signs of wear and tear.

d. How to Sterilize Hegen Bottles

Source: Youtube

e. How to Clean Hegen Bottles

Source: Youtube

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